Do you have a creative idea? Get jamming!

We are looking for ideas that advance the utilisation of creative expertise in other sectors. If you have an idea that brings actors in the culture and creative sectors together with actors in growth sectors and sectors impacted by structural change in Finland, this CALL FOR CREATIVE IDEAS is just for you!

The application period is open until September 15, 2016. The best ideas will be processed into national projects that have an impact and funded by the European Social Fund (ESF)!

We will be jamming ideas this week all over Finland at events in:

Even though the program is in Finnish and/or Swedish only, questions in English are very welcome!

The program of these events include:

  • inspiration!
  • jamming ideas together with other participants
  • information about applying

You can find further information about the Call for Creative Ideas in Finnish and Swedish here.

You can send us your idea through this form, also in English! If you need help, drop us a line at  .

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Creative and Inclusive Finland is the umbrella over ESF funded projects that advance the employment of people in the culture and creative sectors and promote the inclusion of fragile groups though the learning of new skills. Our goal is to create an impact in the society through the increased utilisation of creative skills and methods of active inclusion.

We support national and cross-sectional projects in different phases and tasks in order for them make a lasting impact. We connect to existing networks and create new platforms for collaboration regionally, nationally and internationally. We gather and spread information and work as a small news agency for a Creative and Inclusive Finland.

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P.S. Our English language website is coming up this autumn – stay tuned!