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Welcome to WaS – the Wind and Sound website! The purpose of these pages is to help brass players and people interested in brass instruments understand what happens in brass instruments and brass players during the tone production process. On purpose, the point of view here is only physical and physiological, even though it is absolutely clear that in addition to this, musical expression is a most complicated mental process.

This website is neither an instrumental method nor a training method, but a collection of fundamental knowledge, which makes it possible to work according to the natural laws and find solutions based upon them, for example in teaching and to optimize one’s practicing.

This website is divided into three parts: Sound and air stream describes different properties of sound and how tone is produced in musical instruments. Principles of brass instruments discusses the tone production of brass instruments. Conclusions examines tone production from the point of view of air stream and sound waves (vibration).

On the page The site and authors you can find information about the background of this website and how to give comments and feedback.

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