Laura Vainikka


1979, Lappeenranta


Viewers are at their most vulnerable at the either end of light, the blinding brightness and the concealing darkness: when you cannot rationalise or explain what you see. We can probably place the normal visual perception somewhere in between these two extremes. We can see clearly and truthfully when there is not too much light, nor too little. However, I am especially interested in the extremes of light and darkness: the situations where the observed is mixed with the imagined.


I ponder on the scale of seeing and perceiving. Why do we stubbornly try to see as far or as close as possible, to worlds which our natural vision cannot reach? In my opinion, the most challenging thing is to concentrate on observing the reality that is the same size as I am, and the event of observation emerging in it. Sometimes it is good to ask the question of what and how I see.