Sonja Jusi

Time and Space Arts

1982, Helsinki

When I take photographs or shoot videos, I am not in control of my pace or my movements. However, I do choose my targets personally. A bridge, a road or, for example, a railroad track may be worth a shot. When I am sitting in a tram, I am moved forward by machinery that is not me. It seems that subjectivity is similarly connected with external influences when I take pictures. Both have an effect on the way I photograph and how the journey and its pulse will turn out.

What’s interesting is spatial development: the increasing depth and, on the other hand, the approach to the surface. I am constructing a space inside moving image, which only exists as an experience and a set. Changes in the space create tension in the story. The changes recorded in the image, such as a moving ship or people passing by, also contribute to the story, telling us something about transience and ephemerality when contrasted with, for example, the permanence of a road.