Dave Berg

Time and Space Arts

1981, Lahti


Written and directed by: Dave Berg

Roles: Juha Lagström, Karoliin Kudjoi, Elina Hietala, Marja Myllylä, Elina Reinikka, Markus Virtanen, Jesse Vinnari

Sound Design: Ville Katajala

Music: Jani Karimäki ja Juokko Markkanen

Set: Santtu Toivola

Makeup: Tiia Rautio

Showtime in the auditorium of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts: 11, 13.30, 16.30


It has been a while since there was a feature film among the works presented in the degree show of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. I would now like to fill this gap by showing a film of mine with the working title Nöyryydestä (‘Of Humility’). In my work, I have occasionally ignored the idea of breaking the actual form, although my personal experience is that this is what most clearly separates the moving picture used in the visual arts from the cinema. I have unconditional faith in the clear path, the armchair trip, known as the story. In my opinion, as a multi-medium field of art, the film is able to provide the artist with enough room to produce works of consequence inside its own subfields.