Tiina Pyykkinen


1983, Saarijärvi


I recently read a section called “Serpula lacrymans” from Leena Krohn’s book Oofirin kultaa (‘The Gold of Ophir’). Here, Krohn describes how a fungus captures a man-made space, invades its very core and takes it as its home. This capture happens gradually. The newcomer needs a symbiotic relationship in order to exist, grow and create a new kind of mood for the space it has conquered. The serpula lacrymans fungus constructs visual space on material substances, using them for its own wellbeing, and, finally, making the original features look like itself. It creates its own mirror image. The original visual space and structures become transformed and finally disappear.


Tiina Pyykkinen: Velvet veil, 2012, alkydi ja öljy kankaalle, 98x140cm