Jonna Kina

Time and Space Arts

1984, Lappeenranta



A 14-year-old girl describes a selection of pictures in their own words. The subjective stories thus created provide a script for cinematic scenes.

”She doesn't look too poor, but there's nothing very fancy either, but I don't know if there was anything better back then. So she's average, just a normal woman. The room is really small and she just stands in the middle of it…”

“I don't think she's hanging out there like at home, but she sort of likes to go there all the time. It seems like it's her favourite place where she goes to relax or to do something nobody else can see or just to be there…”


In collaboration with: The Alvar Aalto Museum, Avek


Rosa, from the series Reconstructions, 2012, Ink-jet print