Aleksi Linnamaa

Time and Space Arts

1983, Tampere

Architecture based on time


A site of an old 16th century village lies on a small hill by a road that leads from one village to the next. These days, the site is occupied by old farm buildings and the buildings of a former town school. The older of the two school buildings was constructed in 1898, and the more recent one, a red two-storey building, was finished in 1925. The school was closed down in 1968, after which the buildings began to be used as storage facilities by the land owner. The buildings’ exterior retained the look of the original construction era also after the modifications, but the deconstruction of the interior and the removal of the surface materials have been carried out in a way that contradicts the care with which the buildings were originally built. This place functioned as found material in a moving image piece titled “Linear Sequentiality”.