Elina Autio


1985, Tampere

I am wearing a dark blue-gray, semi-glossy corduroy shirt, the surface of which glimmers like waters at night. I like wearing this shirt. Its beautiful surface is not completely homogeneous, but a vertical line of black, rather big buttons intersects it in the middle. Therefore, this isn’t actually a shirt, but more like a jacket that can be buttoned and undone. Nevertheless, I always keep the jacket closed, so that the surface of the material would be as visible as possible when seen from the front. The jacket has shoulder pads that make me look a lot more broad-shouldered. If I’m wearing this jacket (and a particular pair of striped trousers) and I happen to stand in front of my art works, I almost blend in with their surface because my art is also quite stripy. In these situations my clothing turns into a camouflage and accidentally I act like a chameleon.