Sara Basta

Time and Space Arts

1979, Rome, Italy

In my work, I use the body as a boundary between inside and outside. I’m interested in passing from one condition to another, from one space to another. I’m also interested in transforming private landscapes into emotional places. I’m interested in finding the links between the physical and the inner space. I observe how colours, times and spaces are involved in the construction of character and identity. I try to understand how social organisation determines habits and automatisms.


In the video di ridere e di piangere succede sempre nella stessa giornata, (‘laughing and crying always going on in the same day’) from 2012, there is a woman speaking to the forest. She is stuck in her condition. Everything is always the same, always the same. Suddenly, without a real reason, something changes and she forgets what has happened.


But once again she finds herself in another condition, and everything is always the same, always the same.