Anastasia Lobkovski

Time and Space Arts

1981, Moscow, Russia

My attempt to capture the invisible.

The main building of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Kaiku Gallery May 11 – June 3, 2012
A short film “The Boy Who Was Afraid of Nothing”.

In collaboration with the Department of Motion Picture, TV and Production Design, Aalto University


Boy: Elvis Partio

Teacher: Vilinka Kätkö

Girl in the hallway: Pinja Sibakow


Written and Directed by: Anastasia Lobkovski

Cinematographer: Jarmo Kiuru

Production Designer and VFX Supervisor: Bjarke Aalto

Editor: Antti Hirsiaho

Sound Designer: Jukka Nurmela

Costume Design and Make-up: Laura Malinen

3D Artist: Konstantin Lobkovskij

VFX Artist: Jarno Elonen

Produced by: Annalisa Schmuckli