Mari Hallapuro


1985, Alajärvi

In my recent works I have repeatedly returned to the still life and its very traditional visual world. I collect small, mundane objects of my environment, which may even seem strange at times, and make them into different kinds of compositions. At the same time, I imitate the still lifes that I have seen before. Sometimes this is conscious, sometimes not.

I provide new value to boring and ordinary things in my pictures and give them the appreciation they deserve. Indeed, instead of ancient symbols, my still lifes may portray souvenirs, home electronics and plastic bags from supermarkets. Pets may also take their place in the picture. In this way, I try to demonstrate the significance of these things, as my own life is built around such simple matters.

I consider still lifes to be descriptions of time and moments in time, and these are strongly based on observation. Indeed, my aim is to capture something of my own time and the present moment in the way I perceive things. I wish to make a small part of my own world visible and strive for the imperishability of the moment.

a sketch for a serigraph